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What is Our.News?

Our.News is pushing back on misinformation

What's in your news? Trust through transparency.
Our.News makes it easier for anyone to make a quick determination between real and junk news, by attaching non-partisan Nutrition Labels to every news story. Free for consumers, these labels provide full transparency, self-service fact-checking, and news ratings tools for all news online.

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Our.News Team

Richard Zack
Our.News | LinkedIn

Alycia Doxon
VP of Operations
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Brian Allred
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Ryan Yagatich
Architect & Developer
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Our.News Advisors

Michael Bender
Our.News | LinkedIn

News veteran. Former Head of Technology Strategy & COO at Thomson Reuters.

Bob Frankenberg
Our.News | LinkedIn

Tech veteran. Former CEO of Novell, and VP at Hewlett-Packard.

Cindy Jeffers
Our.News | LinkedIn

News veteran. Former CEO of Salon, and VP at Huffington Post.

Jeff Werner
Our.News | LinkedIn

An angel investor who assists startups grow thru their early days.

Newstrition Launch

Our.News and the Freedom Forum Institute present "Newstrition: What's in your News?", our official launch event which took place at the Newseum on October 2nd, 2018. Gene Policinski (President of the Freedom Forum Institue), Lata Nott (Executive Director of the First Amendment Center), and Richard Zack introduce the Newstrition platform, technology, and browser extensions. The launch is followed by a panel discussion on rebuilding public confidence in journalism, featuring Joe Concha (The Hill), Lou Jacobson (Politifact), Amy Eisman (American University), Stephanie Hammill (Daily Caller), and Richard Zack (Our.News).

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