Our Goal
Our nutritional labels make it easier to distinguish between real and junk news, and let you rate your opinion on all news online. Non-partisan and free for consumers, Newstrition® attaches to every news story online.
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Our mobile app attaches nutritional labels to all news right on your phone-- anywhere you're reading the news.

Within Apple News, Google News, Facebook, Twitter, your mobile browser, or any other news app-- just tap Share, and then Newstrition, to access our fact-checking tools.

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Chrome & Firefox

Reading news on your desktop? Our Browser Extensions make it easy to fact-check and rate news anywhere you’re already reading the news online. After installing, you can just open up any news article and click the Our.News icon.

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Social News

Read news, see what your friends are fact-checking, engage directly with journalists, earn points, and more, on our social news platform.